Drone Application Sectors
Drones are being used in the infrastructure sector for regular surveys & inspections. Managing construction, analysis sites, mapping and the planning and deigns of architecture. Creating accurate 2D and 3D data maps and models, conducting surveys before, during and after construction.
Drones enable image and data driven farming, planting crops, monitoring irrigation, pesticides, treatments. Pest and disease detection. Inventory and records.
Drones are being used to Pick up and deliver goods fast and efficiently.
Drone technology allows for improved photography and videography quality coverage of sports and other large events. Music videos, films, advertising and marketing. Television and journalism.
Drones can be used to inspect telecoms towers and other power lines more frequently with a higher level of accuracy, reducing downtime and power outages.
Drones are being used to identify methane leaks in oil and gas production, and to monitor pipelines and wind and solar installations.
Drones are used in mining operations for exploration, measuring materials, surveying and mapping.
Drones for insurance claims are now becoming more common. By recording photographs and video as evidence of damages cause by events, the process of making a claim becomes easier and costs could be reduced.
Drones are being used in crime investigations. Surveillance and tracking, providing real time information to the police and rescue situations face by the fire brigade.
Drone are being used for monitoring economic conditions and human behaviour. Drones positively impact data collection and analysis in science.
Storing inventory more efficiently, implementing automation and using tools to help reduce manual work, human error and overall costs. Improves the inventory process as the drone system can scan barcodes without human interaction and detect if pallet positions are empty or occupied. Operates mainly at night it will not interrupt warehouse operations.
Drones are being developed to enable Point-to-Point passenger air travel.