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Corporate Organizations

Corporate organizations are now either using or considering to use Drone technology in a wide variety of applications ranging from site surveys and inspections to creating Rich Media Content for Film production. However, whilst the use of drone technology can be highly beneficial, most organizations are concerned about the time, costs and the risks involved in implementing an inhouse solution.

Corporate organizations are now looking to work with outsourced professional drone service companies who understand the technology and legal requirements required within their jurisdiction. Overall, they want a single point of contact that is scalable and cost-effective, to manage their required drone work.

Using a Drone for Surveys & Inspections

Drones are now being used extensively to conduct regular surveys & inspections, capturing pictures, video, and data about infrastructure, and sending it to the required corporate organisation automatically.

These corporate organizations manage a variety of infrastructure including: Rail Networks, Bridges, Telephone Masts, Mobile Masts, Electricity Pylons, Gas Pipe Networks, Television Transmission stations, Wind Turbines, Reservoirs, Lakes, Rivers and much more.

In addition to protecting lives, drones can carry out routine audits and inspections faster than when done manually. The data captured by these devices during surveys and inspections is often more reliable too.

Drones used for infrastructure survey and inspection allow operators (and ultimately clients) to quickly identify faults, verify equipment specifications, failure and damage.

Using a Drone for Media Production

Drone technology is changing the face of multimedia communications, from TV, Movie, Video, and Music Production to Sporting Events & Promotional Videos.

Traditional use of helicopters and cranes solutions, which are quite expensive are no longer needed and instead are being replaced with cost effective drone services.

Drones used in media production not only reduces cost, but also create a safer working environment for employees and saves time setting up equipment and completing the work.

Quote 4 Drones

Quote 4 Drones introduces clients looking for professional drone services, to licensed Drone Operators.

With a large database of registered, licensed, and insured drone operators, we help corporate organizations looking to deploy drone technology, find the best price and service for their budget.

We provide a fully managed service, which eliminates the risk, time and cost of corporate organizations looking to deploy in house.

Our management service includes;

  • Client implementation Plan
  • Booking and confirmation of jobs
  • Allocation of Drone Pilots
  • Regulatory Checks, Risk Assessments      & Flight Strategies
  • Data repository, storage and back-up
  • Image & Data Retrieval
  • Job Tracking
  • Management Reporting
  • Processing paperwork, payments &      method statements
  • Managing drone pilots NDA's,
  • Service Agreements, Terms & Code of      conduct management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • On-going support
  • Flat fee pricing structure
  • Ensuring key performance
         requirements are met

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