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Why Hire
Drone Pilots

Using a drone pilot is the most cost effective way to capture aerial views.

Applications range from aerial photography and filming to aerial survey, aerial inspection and Drone mapping and the use of drones benefit a lot of industries such as construction, real estate, marketing, film, agriculture.

Use drones to safely identify issues on roofs, building exteriors or any remote locations, reducing costs and time.

Drone captured data is effectively used for insurance inspection claims providing the most accurate damage assessment.

Drone Filming has significantly reduced costs in aerial footage of any kind; live broadcast, corporate video production, promotional and feature film projects, weddings and many more.

It has never been easier to find a drone pilot but hiring the right one is critical. Any drone pilot undertaking a paid job must have a "PFCO" from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Hiring an unqualified, illegal drone operator may be cheaper but it makes you liable in case something goes wrong.


How we can help

We have made the process of finding and hiring a UK licensed drone operator easy and safe.

We bring qualified drone pilots to you.

Once you submit your request with as many details as you wish, you will receive a quote from us for a local drone operator so the cost is kept to the minimum.

With over 2000 CAA approved and certified drone pilots across the UK registered in our database, your request reaches a lot of drone operators with the expertise you need.

We offer you peace of mind because we have already carried out all the drone pilots' documentation checks, so you can rest assured that your job will be carried out by an approved drone pilot.

Additionally, using aerial material for your business that is not taken legally, you make your company liable.

All the above are offered free of charge and with no obligation


Who will do the job

All our drone operators are CAA approved and registered in our database FREE of charge.

We perform updates and checks frequently.

Drone operators submit a brief of the type of jobs they are interested in and have experience as well as the right equipment. They also define the locations they can cover.

All leads go through our validation process before they are published.Lead notifications are sent automatically to the drone operators matching the criteria

The drone operator decides whether he is interested in the job and only then has to make a payment to purchase the lead.

If you are a drone pilot with current CAA / IAA permissions, you can register with no obligation and Free of charge.