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A virtual tour will attract new members to your golf club!

Golf course virtual tours provide an interactive experience that simply cannot be matched by static photography. Unlike traditional photography, a drone will showcase the unique differentiators of your golf course, building a life-like experience for viewers. A Drone can capture all the important visuals to communicate your brand identity and present your golf course in the best light. Drone footage can aid the enhancement of membership to a golf club, it will help to promote the golf course, whilst retaining existing memberships and attracting new ones, ensuring that you see both engaged users and an immediate increase in bookings.

Golf Course Virtual Tours Features

Brand identity - Integrate your brand identity elements within a virtual tour to reflect your unique style.

Social media Integration - You can integrate the link of the golf course virtual tour within your existing social media channels.

Intuitive User Experience - The virtual tour is both intuitive and easy to use. Users can access features like zooming in to view details, pan the entire environment, and move from one location to the next.

Integrating hole maps - Provide a visual point of reference using interactive fly-overs in the virtual tour. We also provide some unique course wayfinding features - including aerial views, interactive hotspots, and radar orientation.

Offline access - Virtual tours can also be converted into an exe file allowing offline distribution through CDs and thumb drives.

Benefits of Golf Course Virtual Tours

Reposition Yourself - If you have marketing collateral that's quite dated and restricted mainly to amateurish photos and videos of your golf course, a golf course virtual tour will help revamp your marketing strategy allowing you to find an edge in the market.

Cost Optimisation - Resources are precious so we believe in delivering value for money. A virtual tour will consist of extremely high-quality video, but at a fair and reasonable price.

Generate The Right Demand - In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, you need to look your best in order to attract your target audience. Having a cutting-edge virtual tour, complete with professional panoramic photos and extensive video footage, is a sure-shot way of doing that.

Existing members - can use a virtual tour to study each hole, understanding the golf course better and ultimately improve their game.

Potential new members - will be able to experience an online view of your golf course which is more exciting than a static photography. They can get a real feel, and this will help them make better club selection.

Green fee members - get an idea of how they can make the most of the day.

Drone Virtual Tour Videos

Take a look at a selection of golf course virtual tours created by other golf clubs

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Quote 4 Drones

Quote 4 Drones provides a managed service for golf clubs looking for professional drone services from licensed Drone Operators. With a large database of over 3000 registered, licensed, and insured drone operators, we can help you identify the right drone pilot to shoot your virtual tour.

Drone Virtual Tour cost

Prices start from £495 based on size of the golf club, number of holes and amount of editing required. One new membership obtained from viewing your virtual tour can easily cover the cost for the creative content.
The cost can also be paid for through flexible finance packages that we organize and start for around £45 per month.

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