The Days Of Manual Warehouse Inventory Are Over!!

Warehouse inventory management is a process that involves receiving, storing and tracking inventory in a warehouse. It is an ongoing cycle that never ends when managing a warehouse.

The more a business grows, the more time will be spent on inventory replenishment, management and organizing of the warehouse.

Traditional methods include manual barcode scans to count and keep track of stock, which can often result in the data being out of date due to discrepancies.

Fortunately, there are now ways to improve this process, from storing inventory more efficiently to implementing automation and using tools to help reduce manual work, human error and overall costs.

Across the world, drones are transforming warehouse inventory with safety, cost and time being the main benefits. Drone adoption makes the process easy.

Warehouse Inventory Drone video

Companies are implementing an autonomous drone system to minimise disruption and improve the quality of their warehouse operations, using drones such as eyesee and ware. Watch the video below.

Drone adoption in warehouses immediately improves the inventory process as the drone system can scan barcodes without human interaction and detect if pallet positions are empty or occupied. Because the drone operates mainly at night it will not interrupt warehouse operations.

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