Drone services for
Property Managers

Drones in the Property Management Industry

Property Managers often deal with various projects including maintenance, inspections, repairs and other challenging service priorities. With limited time and resources, it's essential to find smarter and more cost-effective ways of working to better support their property portfolios.

Property managers are now adopting drone technology to significantly reduce maintenance costs, avoid expensive repair bills, remove the need to put staff in unsafe areas and reduce the amount of money lost by identifying potential problems in advance.

Traditional Methods vs Drones

Traditional methods such as ladders, cherry pickers and access lifts being used for the inspection and survey of residential and/ or commercial blocks are costly, dangerous and time consuming. Introducing drones into building maintenance is a proactive approach as aerial inspections ensure that problems can be identified quickly and resolved compared to traditional methods. Extensive repairs can be prevented, using drone technology, which leaves property managers with more time to focus on other tasks.

The benefits of using a drone include;

  •               Significantly reduce costs.

  •               Quickly identify problems.

  •               Inspection times reduced from days down to hours.

  •               Survey results obtained within 24 hours.

  •               No potential road closures required.

  •               Better inspection / surveillance of the property.

  •               Safer than traditional methods.

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Quote 4 Drones

We operate a network of nationwide drone pilots providing consistent service where all pilots operate under our strict service level agreement

The benefits of choosing Quote 4 Drones

  •               Access to over 2,000 pilots nationwide.

  •               Enough pilots to cover for sickness, Covid etc.

  •               One flat rate pricing across the UK for all properties.

  •               Online, simple job booking system.

We appeal to property management companies who carry out roof inspection and surveys at various times throughout the year and need a high-value, fast and dependable service, with flat rate pricing across London and the UK and the job to be organised with the minimum fuss.

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