Drone services for
Media Production

Drones in the Media Industry

Drone technology is significantly transforming the media industry, from TV, Movie, Video, and Music Production to Sporting Events & Promotional Videos.

The use of helicopters and cranes in media production are quite expensive and are no longer needed, instead they are being replaced with cost effective drone services. Drones are mainly used for filming movies and television serials, recording events and functions, covering news footage, to capturing scenes for documentaries, advertisements and for aerial photography

Traditional Methods vs Drones

Traditional methods such as helicopters, planes and cranes for shooting from higher angles, are more expensive, dangerous and time consuming and require on-site personnel to operate. Drones are a cost-effective alternative for many media companies as footage can be taken from an aerial view. For filming movies, drones can provide boundless camera angles,maximum speed chase scenes, over water and in-between tree scenes, overhead landscape and cityscape views. In journalism they can cover areas where human entry could be dangerous, prohibited or inaccessible.

The benefits of using a drone include;

  •               Significantly reduce costs.

  •               Create a safer working environment for employees.

  •               Saves time when setting up equipment.

  •               Drones are more flexible, and can easily navigate around obstacles.

  •               Drones are much quieter than helicopters and other equipment, such as cranes.

  •               Drones are less costly to use and maintain.

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Quote 4 Drones

We operate a network of nationwide drone pilots providing consistent service where all pilots operate under our strict service level agreement

The benefits of choosing Quote 4 Drones

  •               Access to over 2,000 pilots nationwide.

  •               Enough pilots to cover for sickness, Covid etc.

  •               One flat rate pricing across the UK for all properties.

  •               Online, simple job booking system.

We appeal to businesses who require drone and aerial photography services at various times of the year when projects dictate and need the job to be organised with the minimum of fuss.

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