Thermal imaging within the drone services industry

Thermally equipped drones are a cutting-edge non-destructive way of capturing high-quality data about a buildings performance or to locate defects efficiently and cost effectively with minimal impact on the users of the building.

With energy costs soaring, thermal surveys are a great way to see how your building is performing and help inform decisions to achieve your carbon reduction and energy saving goals.

Using high-quality infrared thermal cameras on our drones we can inspect and locate potential areas of water ingress or heat loss from or within your property.

Our qualified experts can provide a technical analysis and detailed report on our findings and this can be combined with our other digital services to provide a full understanding of how your asset is performing.

Thermal Imaging Video

Drone thermal imaging cameras can be used in a variety of applications and as the technology has developed over the years, we see its use across a variety of sectors, such as Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Roof and Building Inspections, Solar Panel Installation Maintenance and many more.

Watch the video below to see the advantages of a thermal camera when inspecting solar panels.

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